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photograph by Lenore Senior
Not all pets (cats and dogs) can be kenneled. And there are only so many times you can ask your friend, neighbor or co-worker to take care of your pets while you are away.  And if you have a special needs pet (medications, supplements, special diet or training routine), your neighbors, friends or co-workers often don't have the know-how, diligence or aptitude to offer that kind of care. 
Having a pet sitter available who is experienced and skilled to handle daily routines as well as emergency situations has become a necessity for many when they can’t be there for their pet.

Professional pet sitters, those who choose to spend their vocation with pets, enable your pet to stay in a familiar environment, with a familiar routine, eliminating the creation of stress-related behaviors (such as chewing paws or your furniture, exploring the trash, even urinating in the closet) so when you come home, they have had attention and care and feel secure at home while waiting for your return.
A pet sitter cares for your pet while you are working; while you are away on a business/emergency trip/vacation or when you can't drop off or pick them up from an appointment with the groomer, vet or from daycare. Maybe you just need a date night or need to leave directly from work to an event but are worried about the dog’s dinner and walk. 

With an experienced pet sitter, you won't have to worry if the litter box was cleaned or when your 4-legged family member was taken out last. Not to mention, making your home look lived in while you are out of town.  Below are some questions and answers that may familiarize you with how pet sitting works.  Please contact us if you don't see your question.

What happens at the Initial Consult?

            We meet you and your pets in your pet’s environment to get details on their care and to decide if we are a match to take care of your pets.  We do require a consult for all new clients and also if current clients get a new pet, or have changes to the pet's routine that we need to be aware of to make sure we can take the best possible care of your loved one. 

How do I schedule you for service?

              If you are already a client, please click onto the "Click Here To Schedule" link found on the 'Home & About', 'Services & Fees, and 'Scheduling & Contact' pages.  If you are new, please call our number or email with your request and we will get back with you usually within 2 hours.

What if I have to make a schedule change after confirmation?

              Please call and we can make adjustments as needed.

What if my pet sitter can’t make it to the scheduled visit?

          We have other sitters who are trained and familiar with your pets needs.

What happens in case of an emergency with my pet?

            We are committed to take the best possible care of your pet and should an emergency occur we will take your pet to your specified vet and if after hours, to our 24 hr vet on call.  We will contact you, or your emergency contact person for further instructions. 

What does it mean to be licensed and insured/bonded?

            Atlanta Intown Pet Sitters is an incorporated business (licensed) and we are insured through a major carrier for animal and property coverage.

How do I pay for service?

              You will receive an invoice via email and payment is due on or before the first visit.  A check made out to Atlanta Intown Pet Sitters can be left for the sitter or cash.  Soon we will have an online payment system and we will let you know when that payment option is available.

Why do you require two sets of keys?

           Should a pet sitter be unable to come to the visit due to an unfortunate circumstance (auto accident, 

illness, etc.) we can insure the care of your pet by having a spare key secured in our office.

What’s the best way to tip the pet sitter?

          Leaving cash or a check made out to your pet sitter (to cash or their name)  is always appreciated.  You can also indicate any tip amount in your payment to Atlanta Intown Pet Sitters and we will make sure they receive the amount you specify.

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